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  1. Winter comes with cold, wind, snow, sudden temperature changes,so it is almost impossible for our hair not to suffer. Therefore, in winter we have to pay it much more attention.Here are some tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy during the winter:

    1. Do not go outside with wet hair
    Not only you risk to get sick, but the cold also destroys your hair. It freezes your hair and therefore it becomes more fragile and can break at the slightest touch. In addition, the pores remain opened.

    2. Avoid hot showers
    Hot water is extremely bad for your hair, especially in winter. It dries and kills the texture. Therefore, you really need to wash your hair only with warm water.

    3. Avoid using hot tools
    Indeed, you can not dry your hair without a dryer in the winter, but don't abuse it. Let your hair dry by itself a little bit, then use the hair dryer. Also try and limit yourself from other styling tools. The straightener and the curling iron destroy your hair even worse in winter than usual.

    4. Use special care products
    During winter,treat your hair with special conditioners and protective oils. They remain on your hair throughout the day and act just like clothing,keeping it warm and protected from the wind effects.

    5. Wear hats or scarves
    It is not cool to walk bareheaded when it's less than 0 degrees outside. On the contrary.Hats or scarves are the perfect accessory for winter outfits. Not only they give you extra personality, but they protect your hair. So there's no reason not to wear them!

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    1. Monica said...

      great post... its funny, i was just putting together a post about hair care

    2. CelesteCohen said...

      These are some great tips, it's so important to look after your hair in the winter :) xo

    3. nice blog!

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