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  1. The goal of a perfume is not just to make you smell nice, but to make you feel good,relaxed!!Here are some tips to maximize the usefulness of your perfume:

    Apply perfume to pulse areas - the folds of elbows, behind knees,on the wrists,neck and cleavage. Spray a little perfume in the air and walk through it: this is a very good method for the substances to permeate the whole body.

    Avoid vaporizing perfume on your hair, because it can become dull and can have a disagreeable flavor.A chemical reaction may occur in the sebaceous glands when they come in contact with the perfume.

    Use the same fragrance in various forms - start with the shower gel,body lotion,spray, and then apply the perfume.

    Keep bottles tightly closed, away from heat and sunlight.Opaque bottles keep the flavor very good. The basic enemies of a perfume are air, heat and light.

    A quality perfume kept in an unopened box or an almost full one will live up to 10-20 years.Once a bottle has been opened and used, it is recommended to be used 1-2 years before the flavor becomes difficult, unpleasant.

    The perfect circle of smell is an arm's length from the body. Only those entering the circle can feel the flavor.

    A quality perfume has a high durability, deep smell,and even smells different from person to person.

    Choose the fragrance that suits you. Test the perfume in the shop and walk around at least 10 minutes. Some perfumes need half an hour or an hour to reveal their flavors.

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